This Week's Staff Pick


Matthew Bustamante

Field Sales Representative

Manitoba + Saskatoon


Bluetooth 5.0 – Wireless connections made easy.

Bluetooth is a feature we have all known about for many years within our electronics devices. In the recent years, LG has made Bluetooth a standard feature within majority of our line up and it is a feature I find myself using in all different parts of my day. I could connect my phone to my 49NANO86 via Bluetooth and use the TV speakers to blast my music from Spotify if I am cleaning up during the daytime or connect to my LG Tone Earbuds during the late evening if I want to watch a movie or to watch the Winnipeg Jets come back from a thriller of a game in overtime. For me, this is so handy since there is a newborn baby in the house that needs his constant sleep. I can watch my content at whatever volume level knowing I will not be bothering anyone else in the household (minus the loud cheers when we closed out the series 4-0).